NEC Energy Private Limited have received a proposal for the purpose of implementation of a large scale inland Aquaculture Project in the State of Nagaland and is currently studying the commercial feasibility.

NEC Group is having a strategic understanding for various activities, including Aquaculture from planning to production and livelihood enhancement with The DHI Group, Agern Alle 5, DK-

2970 Hørsholm, Denmark and their Indian Subsidiary and also with The Louis Berger Group, Inc., 1250, 23rd St. NW Washington, DC-20037, USA and its Indian Subsidiary. It is worth noting the Rehabilitation & Reconstruction of Infrastructure capabilities of The Louis Berger Group have implemented successfully Livelihood Enhancement and Peace Program under the US AID in the Mindanao Island in Philippines and under TIJARA Program in Iraq, funded by the US Government.

“This ‘arms to farms’ USAID program, managed by LBG, demobilized combatants using private- sector-focused, agriculture based model, which generated more than $700 million in investment commitments and reintegrated more than 28,000 former combatants into productive farming and non-farm enterprise.”

The Louis Berger Group, INC.

A delegation from NEC Group on an invitation of the The Louis Berger Group, Inc. was sent to the Philippines to study various aquaculture projects and it was noted that the per hectare production of fishes in inland water is 20 MT compared to 2 MT in Assam.

Overview of the Demand for Fish in Assam

The northeast state of Assam has a total population of 31 million, of which 95% have a preference for fish as their primary source of animal protein (Das 2013). Using FAO guideline for human animal protein requirement of 13 kg per year, the demand for fish products is approximately 400,000 metric tons per year. Current production from aquaculture and capture fisheries in Assam is estimated at 243,000 metric tons.