Hydro Power Generation

Korea Water Resources Corporation [K-Water]

For hydropower projects, NEPL have a strategic Technical tie-up with Korea Water Resources Corporation [K-WATER formerly known as KOWACO] a State-owned corporation of the Government of Korea.

K-WATER is a world ranking. State-owned corporation of the Government of Korea and is involved in drinking water systems, flood control systems, etc, and owns seventeen (17) Hydropower Plants and Operates and Maintains all the seventeen remotely from its headquarters located at Daejon, Korea In terms of Mega wattage it generates 1.014 MW appx. The total revenue receipts of K-WATER for the year of 2005 is USD 1.6 billion approximately and the total assets amounting to over USD 11.120 billion approximately.

NEPL through the process of tendering have been awarded the Operation & Maintenance Lease for 3 x 8 MW Likimro Hydroelectric Power Project of the Government of Nagaland wef June 8, 2006.

NEPL have repaired and continuously been upgrading and generating electricity from the Project and supplying to the State Grid under Technical Assistance from K-Water. Incorporating world-class technology and experience, NEPL have displayed consistent performance in the 3 x 8 MW Likimro HEP by way of optimized power generation.

Likimro Hydroelectric Power Project

NEPL and its dedicated team of technical professionals provide continuous overall engineering support, alternative technical solution and periodically evaluate facilities and equipment for operability, design modification, procurement, etc.

NEPL is pursuing for Clean Development Mechanism for carbon footprint of Likimro Hydroelectric Power Project.

NEPL have recently signed an Agreement with WARECO, a Global Leader in protecting Water Resources facilities & Environment since 1986, with customer- oriented ISO management systems.

WARECO’s expertise in Water and Hydropower facilities is outstanding and their Statement of Participation is given here below.

Water Resources Engineering Corporation [WARECO]

Ever since the foundation of WARECO in the year of 1986, Water Resources Engineering Corporation has been a pillar of stable supply of electric power and water through schematic inspection and maintenance process. Based on its knowhow, WARECO is expanding its business horizon to operation of Water Treatment Plants and Sewage Treat Plants, Technical Diagnosis, Safety Diagnosis, Survey & Design, New & Renewable Energy Projects and Construction activities.

Today WARECO have Research & Development wing in advance equipment and technology development and introduction. It has major Patents and Industrial Proprietary Rights on several fields of Technology and Diagnosis.

In the year of 2006, WARECO along with K-Water have provided Technology support to NEC Energy Private Limited for the Likimro Hydroelectric Power Project in Nagaland.